This walk is in memory of my oldest brother, David Nasto. He was a kind, loving person. He lived each day to its absolute fullest, doing the things he truly loved – snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, surfing, cycling, camping, water skiing, photography – the list is endless. He was a creative soul, passionate about whatever he was doing at the moment. Never one to miss a party or to throw a party, he was there having the best time of his life!


After being diagnosed with stage IV tongue cancer, David fought every day to win his battle. Chemo, radiation, clinical trials, all with hope and prayers for a miracle. We have never seen such courage and determination to live. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. Even losing his ability to eat or speak, he never gave up. Even in pain, he would smile when he received visitors and gave gifts to his family at Christmas. It was amazing to witness such strength and courage. 


We lost David on June 13, 2006 at 47 years old. His life was an inspiration to us all, his death was a call to action. By participating in this walk, you are now David’s voice. Your voice is needed to spread the word about early detection and awareness of oral cancer. David, I and his family did not know about the signs and symptoms, because if we knew, David would be here today. 


Help me and the Oral Cancer Foundation save lives. 




Thank you, 


Susan Lauria 


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