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Fundraiser Campaign
In Memory of Ronald L. Smolko
Personal Campaign
TSgt. Eric Birch Memorial Fund
Vince Draa
Bruce Paltrow Memorial Fund
Craig Rainey Memorial Fund
Dean Siedlecki Memorial Fund
Dentist Support for Oral Cancer Research
Dora Polo is Helping & Oral Cancer Needs Your Help
Elizabeth B. Hunt Memorial Fund
Evelyn Ruud Memorial Fund
Jim Foran "Unbelievable" Memorial Fund
Paul C. Scott Memorial Fund
Randy Kabat Supports Oral Cancer Research
Rob Koplin Supports Oral Cancer Research
Score 4 Screenings
Southwest Oral Surgery OC Fundraiser
Tsutae Kuwabara Memorial Fund
Penny Reed Memorial Fund
In Memory of Sue Patterson
In Memory of Cindy L. Meagher-Ernst
Laurence (Larry) Philpott Memorial Fund
Shelly Louise McLaughlin Memorial Fund
Ronald L. Kortz Memorial Fund
Peter McGee Hoffman Memorial Fund

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