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Date Event
2017/08/2008/20/2017 OCF Walk/Run - Hawaii, Ala Moana Regional Park - Honolulu, HI
2017/09/2309/23/2017 OCF Walk/Run - David Nasto - NJ, Perona Farms - Andover, NJ
2017/09/3009/30/2017 OCF Walk - Washington, Juanita Beach Park - Kirkland, WA
2017/10/0710/07/2017 Twin Cites Walk/Run, Eagan Community Center - Eagan, MN
2017/10/2110/21/2017 Southern CA Walk/Run, Mile Square Park - Fountain Valley, CA
2017/11/1811/18/2017 St. Michaels, MD Walk/Run, St Michaels Nature Trail - St Michaels, MD
2018/04/0704/07/2018 Dallas Walk/Run, Bachman Park - Dallas, TX
2018/04/1404/14/2018 Belton Walk/Run, Schopef's BBQ - Belton, TX
N/A Fundraiser Campaign
N/A In Memory of Ronald L. Smolko
N/A Personal Campaign
N/A TSgt. Eric Birch Memorial Fund
N/A Vince Draa
N/A Bruce Paltrow Memorial Fund
N/A Craig Rainey Memorial Fund
N/A Dean Siedlecki Memorial Fund
N/A Elizabeth B. Hunt Memorial Fund
N/A Evelyn Ruud Memorial Fund
N/A Jim Foran "Unbelievable" Memorial Fund
N/A Paul C. Scott Memorial Fund
N/A Score 4 Screenings
N/A Southwest Oral Surgery OC Fundraiser
N/A Tsutae Kuwabara Memorial Fund
N/A Penny Reed Memorial Fund
N/A In Memory of Sue Patterson
N/A In Memory of Cindy L. Meagher-Ernst
N/A Laurence (Larry) Philpott Memorial Fund
N/A Shelly Louise McLaughlin Memorial Fund
N/A Ronald L. Kortz Memorial Fund
N/A Peter McGee Hoffman Memorial Fund

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