Maria Garrera

Team Captain TEAM STRENGTH OCF Walk/Run - David Nasto - NJ

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Hello All!

I am a 19 year Oral Cancer Survivor and I am alive today because of early detection. I had an inflammed taste bud that turned out to be sqaumous cell carcinoma. Surgery and radiation treated my cancer effectively but with many continued side effects. Every day I am reminded of my past fight with this deadly cancer because of my sensitive mouth.

I am walking to raise awareness for this wonderful organization. The OCF offers education, prevention, research, and offers blogging sites for cancer patients and survivors. The blog was a great support to me when i couldn't talk and i had so many questions. It was a lifeline that offered me the support that i needed. I got to communicate with others that were in the same situation as myself.

Please take a minute and join TEAM STRENGTH!! Help me help others!!!~

Thank you all <3



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