I have been part of the foundation since its creation almost 20 years ago. I came to this after being a caregiver to my husband while an oral cancer patient, who had a difficult journey through his treatments, and even today still has chronic, some life threatening, issues to deal with as part of his new after cancer life. What this gives me is a perspective on the battle; the costs, be they physical, emotional, or financial that an individual and family have to get through not just to initially survive, but indefinitely after treatments end in varying levels of difficulty.

OCF's first mission was patient support, and it is still a cornerstone of the work we do today. From online support in the world's largest patient support group for this disease with over 11,000 members, to the calls which are fielded by the OCF and answered there or referred out to others for reply, to assisting people with specific difficulties like eating and getting proper nutrition after treatments through OCF's Vitamix donation program, the direct personal engagement with patients is a core component of accomplishing the desired ends of helping them. No week goes by when I am not touched by a families needs, or the trials a particular patient endures. This kind of support takes time, and yes, it takes money to accomplish. 

I am asking you to support me in my effort to raise the necessary funding to continue these vital support programs at OCF. Only as a community of concerned individuals will we have an impact. There are many worthy causes competing for your attention. I ask that you consider supporting one of the most successful non-profits in the oral and head and neck cancer area, (https://greatnonprofits.org/org/the-oral-cancer-foundation-1) even if it is just a few dollars. It all adds up, and even the smallest donation makes a difference. Please visit this link to learn about some of OCF's accomplishments. I think you will agree it is worthy of your support. http://oralcancerfoundation.org/about/awards-accolades/

Thank you for considering supporting me at this event. Ingrid Hill


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