Many people think of the role of a dental hygienist as the person who "cleans" their teeth. To some extent this is true, but I view my job as much more than that. Oral health education is one of my favorite parts of the job and oral cancer screening and discussions regarding this topic is included in that. One of the roles that I take seriously is the oral cancer screening that I perform on every patient at every appointment. I explain to patients what I am doing and often times I am asked why I do it. This brings up great conversations much of which I really explain the importance of what I do during this time.

As a result of learning about the importance of oral cancer screenings, a personal connection with someone affected by oral cancer, and the personal desire to serve people through oral health education, I am taking this step to bring more awareness to this, with the hope of bring more information, support, advocacy and research. I am so excited to do this walk and fundraising with Oral Cancer Foundation and San Francisco Dental Hygiene Society, along with my UOP Alumni friends and colleagues.

If you're in any way interested in learning more about oral cancer, OCF is a great resource for more information: Don't forget you can also ask your hygienist and/or your dentist regarding this topic and consider donating, if you feel lead to. 

Thank you in advance for your time and your contribution to this great cause! 

Much love,



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