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After consulting with 5 Doctors (in a 5 month time frame) with sore throat complaints, problem with swallowing food, swollen lymph nodes and rapid weight loss, I was told everything was ok and one Dr. even gave me an antibiotic. I finally met Dr. Jennifer Bergeron. She was amazing, she scoped me,ordered a CT Scan, took a biopsy and diagnosed me with throat/neck cancer all in one day after I consulted with her. I was told I had 11 lymph nodes with cancer and a tumor on the base of my tongue. My wife and I went out to dinner to "celebrate" the fact that at least now I knew what was wrong with me.

I underwent 35 radiation treatments in 7 weeks and 3 chemotherapy visits three weeks apart. I had a Pet Scan December of 2018 and the report said the lymph nodes with cancer were clean, but there was still either residual cancer OR the effects of the radiation treatment on the base of my tongue.  My ENT Dr. (Nathan Hales) did a biopsy and it confirmed the tumor was no longer cancerous. I lost 45 pounds during my ordeal, but have gained 25 pounds since Jan 1, 2019. God is so good and all my Doctors, Nurses Therapists and Technicians were AWESOME!!!! My taste is back but I still struggle to eat some of my favorite foods. For several months I was i n bed 18-20 hours a day (only getting up to put liquid food in my feeding tube, use the restroom and take pain meds. My wife took excellent care of me and am very grateful she was able to get me through this horrible season of my life.  I had my feeding tube removed this week!!! 


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